24 portions
Ingredients: Measure:
Olive oil
2 tbsp
Yellow onion, small dice
1/2 cup
Garlic clove, crushed
4 ea
Serrano pepper, stemmed, seeded, chopped
2 ea
6 cups
Dried oregano
2 tsp
Kosher salt
2 tsp
Extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup
Yellow onion, small dice
2 cups
Garlic clove, minced
12 ea
Fresh cilantro, chopped
2 cups
1 cup
Kosher salt
4 tsp
Long grain white rice, cooked
8 cups
12 cups
Beef top round, sliced 1/4 " thick, cut into 24 pieces (4 oz. each), breaded, fried
6 lbs


  1. Make RANCHERO SALSA: In a saucepot, heat olive oil over medium-high heat. Add onion, garlic and serrano pepper; stir for 5 minutes or until lightly browned.

  2. Add whole peeled tomatoes, oregano, and salt. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and carefully puree until smooth.

  3. Make RICE AND TOMATO SOFRITO: Place olive oil in a saucepot over medium heat; saute yellow onion and garlic until transparent. Add cilantro, fire roasted diced tomatoes and salt. Heat through. Combine tomato mixture with cooked rice; heat for 2 minutes or until heated through.

  4. To Make One Serving: Place 1/2 cup of sofrito and 1/2 cup of heated black beans on each plate.

  5. Top with a piece of beef and 1/4 cup of salsa.

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