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Fancy Fully Cooked Corned Beef

SKU 7495619744


Hebrew National tender corned beef is made with 100% kosher beef and expertly cured for a rich, full flavor in every slice. It’s the essential ingredient in a traditional Reuben and the perfect ingredient for any deli sandwich your customers dreams up.

Hebrew National products are made with 100% Kosher beef that contain no fillers, artificial flavors, colors or byproducts. Hebrew National delivers superior performance and great flavor.


Packaging Size:
Gross Weight:
Net Weight:
Case Length:
Case Height:
Case Width:
Ti / Hi:
10 / 7
Total Pallet:


Shelf Life:
Storage Condition:
Storage Temperature:
26-30 °F



Preparation/Cooking Instructions

Please follow preparation instructions as printed on the consumer packaging.

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