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The Kosher Difference

You’ve heard the word kosher, but did you know that it literally means “fit to eat”? In order for products to be certified kosher, they must adhere to strict guidelines that include processes that are independently supervised for optimal quality and cleanliness.

Hebrew National® is certified kosher by the Triangle K organization and made with 100% butcher-quality cuts of beef that contain no fillers, artificial flavors, colors, or by-products. For more than 100 years, Hebrew National has adhered to the highest standards of quality, cleanliness, and safety. A difference you can taste!


Hebrew National Cow

Quality Your Patrons Expect

Today’s patrons are concerned about the quality of the food they eat and the purity of the ingredients. They recognize the uncompromising quality standards of Hebrew National and are willing to pay more for the kosher difference¹—a difference important enough that most patrons eat kosher foods for quality reasons and general healthfulness, not for religious reasons.²

Serve your patrons Hebrew National, and set your menu apart from your competitor’s.

¹ Source: ConAgra® Brand Health Tracking—Hebrew National, FY10 Post Season Tracking. Nov. 2009.

² Source: Mintel Kosher Foods Report, January 2009.