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Same Great Product—Environmentally Friendlier Package

PAM®, America's #1 cooking spray, delivers the performance foodservice operators demand. Made with premium canola oil, PAM sprays are low in saturated fat and add no salt, cholesterol, or calories to food.

And now, Conagra Foodservice is taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint by packing PAM cooking sprays in a new state-of-the-art two-piece can. Using an innovative can-forming technology, the new PAM can-making process requires less energy and fewer materials, generates less waste, and minimizes the overall impact on the environment. The environmentally friendly PAM can is constructed with tin-free steel, features a corrosion-resistant polymer coating inside and outside the can, and is BPA-free. The cans have no welded side seams, eliminating the need for copper or water during manufacturing.

The improved PAM can is at least 10% lighter than conventional three-piece aerosol containers. Special tabs located on the bottom of the can operate as a release mechanism when the can is subjected to excess pressure. Offering four varieties of pan sprays specifically formulated for foodservice, PAM continues to deliver great performance and versatility in new sustainable packaging. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.