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New Self-Rising, Stuffed-Crust Pizza

One bite and you're instantly transported into an old-world pizzeria, with the aroma of fresh-baked dough and real Italian flavor. The authentic Italian taste of Gilardi® comes to life starting with our soft, delicious, self-rising pizza dough. Our fresh dough is sprinkled with corn meal and, when baked, rises to deliver a fluffy appearance and texture for a true pizzeria experience. Quality ingredients—like 100% mozzarella cheese and sauce made from red, ripe tomatoes and authentic seasonings—make each slice taste pizzeria-fresh.

But what makes Gilardi unique and even more tempting is what's inside. Our self-rising pizza dough is stuffed with gooey, melted mozzarella cheese, which consumers crave!

Perfect for K12 operators and health-conscious customers, Gilardi pizza is 51% whole-grain-rich and comes in both cheese and turkey pepperoni.

  • Fresh-baked… just like a pizzeria, never pre-baked then frozen
  • Small, medium, and large sizes… for pizzeria-like options
  • Exclusive branded trays… reinforce premium quality
  • 47% more efficient… more slices per hour, more energy savings