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ANGELA MIA Alfredo Sauce

SKU 8781511122


Rich sauce made of butter, parmesan and Romano cheeses, cream, and grindings of black pepper. 100% real cheeses. This product is packaged 4-80 oz pouches per case.

Authentic, homemade flavor appeal. Has a very robust Robust cheese flavor profile. Nice creamy texture--not grainy. Labor saving - heat & serve. Cooks on stove top - no need for oven. Holds well on steamtable or in bain marie - does not separate.


Packaging Size:
4/80 OZ
Gross Weight:
Net Weight:
Case Length:
Case Height:
Case Width:
Ti / Hi:
14 / 4
Total Pallet:


Shelf Life:
Storage Condition:
Storage Temperature:
0-20 °F



Preparation/Cooking Instructions

COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Since equipment varies, cooking time and temperature may require adjustment. STIR PRODUCT before checking internal temperature. Internal temperature should be 160F. Product may be thawed up to 48 hours under refrigeration prior to heating. DO NOT REFREEZE. [EQUIPMENT Low Pressure Steamer 5-7 lb. PSI [Frozen (0F) 60 to 65 minutes] [Thawed (30-32F) 30 to 35 minutes] [HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: Place pouch in perforated steamtable pan. Place in steamer. Carefully remove using tongs. Hold pouch with insulated rubber gloves. Cut off one corner of pouch; pour into steamtable pan.] [EQUIPMENT Stove Top Boiling Water [Frozen (0F) 50-55 minutes] [Thawed (30-32F) 30-35 minutes] [HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: Bring water to boil in large stockpot. Place pouch in boiling water. Turn pouch over once during cooking.] HEAT OUT OF POUCH IN SAUCEPAN: Thaw pouch in refrigerator overnight. Pour thawed sauce from pouch into a large saucepan. Discard pouch. Heat sauce on MEDIUM heat for 15 minutes or until 160F; stirring occasionally.

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