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ACT II Butter Popcorn

SKU 7615023225


The sound of popcorn popping in the microwave brings everyone to the kitchen. Make sure you have enough to share with a 24-count box of ACT II Butter Popcorn. The original ACT II microwavable popcorn flavor is made with 100% whole grain popcorn kernels and contains 0 grams of trans fat per serving. Pop for two minutes in the microwave, and enjoy the rich taste of butter and salt. Try this delicious salty snack for family movie nights or afternoon snacks. Choose ACT II Butter Popcorn for the best value in popcorn.


Packaging Size:
Gross Weight:
Net Weight:
Case Length:
Case Height:
Case Width:
Ti / Hi:
18 / 9
Total Pallet:


Shelf Life:
Storage Condition:
Shelf Stable
Storage Temperature:
50-85 °F



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