Liquid Eggs

ConAgra Foodservice offers a variety of frozen liquid egg varieties in cartons, pails and cook-in-bag.

Egg Beaters


Break-o-Morn is a blend of fresh whole eggs, fresh cream and light seasoning that's formulated, pasteurized and quick-frozen. Choose the 6/5-lb cook-in-bag for easy-to-prepare scrambled eggs, skillets and more, or the 6/5-lb carton for made-to-order scrambled eggs, omelet dishes, French toast and breading mixtures.

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Economical and extendable, Egg-Eze is an egg product that allows you to add up to 25% milk or water to produce recipes without any separation. It can be used in all recipes calling for eggs, including scrambled eggs, quiche, cakes, baked goods, breading mixtures and egg washes.

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Pasteurized, homogenized and USDA-inspected, Fleischmann's liquid eggs have a one-year shelf life while frozen, and a three- to four-day shelf life after thawing. The convenient liquid form eliminates labor and cleanup from hand cracking shell eggs.

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