J. Hungerford Smith® Marshmallow Topping Adds a Deliciously Profitable Twist to Menus

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OMAHA, Neb. (April 29, 2013) –  J. Hungerford Smith Marshmallow Dessert Topping makes it easy to add rich marshmallow flavor to all of your favorite treats.  J.Hungerford Smith Marshmallow Topping features an authentic flavor, whipped fluffy appearance and the texture and mouth feel of freshly melted marshmallows, making it a perfect addition to any menu, from indulgent beverages to decadent desserts and breakfast offerings.


This versatile product can top desserts, blend seamlessly into milkshakes or smoothies, or add a special twist to breakfast items like signature pancakes or waffles. It can be used to create custom desserts on menus such as Rocky Road Sundaes, Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Shakes or S’More Blasts, with other great recipe ideas available online.  As consumers continue to demand the flavor of marshmallows, this topping will be an on-trend, profitable and delicious addition to any menu.


“Our marshmallow topping maintains a consistent, fluffy appearance and true melted marshmallow flavor – well after the can has been opened, and the product can be used in a multitude of menu items,” said Lisa Gallagher, Director, Marketing at ConAgra Foodservice.


Visit http://conagrafoodservice.com/recipes/recipes.do to search for and download scalable recipes.



About ConAgra Foodservice:

ConAgra Foodservice is an innovative, leading supplier to the foodservice industry, offering a broad range of trusted and competitive brands – including Healthy Choice®, Angela Mia®, J. Hungerford Smith®, Egg Beaters®, Hebrew National®, Orville Redenbacher®, PAM® and more – that foodservice Operators across the country have come to depend on. These, and other high-performance ConAgra Foodservice brands help energize Operators’ business and keep them ahead of industry trends to provide the best products and service to their patrons.  To learn more, visit www.conagrafoodservice.com or contact your ConAgra Foodservice sales representative at 1-800-357-6543.


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